Friday, 23 June 2017

My Mum

Walt: Describe a family member using interesting words.

This week we had to describe a family member. I chose to do my mum and here are my ideas.

My mum

Nice       takes me to sports
Kind       supports me to do my best
Helpful   cooks amazing dinners
Loving    loves me no matter what
Warm hugs Sometimes I feel sad when mum's not around.
Eyes - brown,   Hair - dark brown, wavy,   wears it in a messy bun ,  skin - tanned and wears makeup.   Soft but strong voice,   chuckles when laughs.

My mums name is Te Ana and she is 29 years old.   I love my mum very much and  she loves me just as much and doesn’t matter what I do.

She has dark brown wavy hair that she usually wears in a  bun.   Her eyes are also brown.   Her skin is tanned and she wears makeup often and I think she is beautiful.    She has a soft strong voice and chuckles when she laughs.

My Mum takes me to sport,  cooks me amazing dinners and helps me when I have problems.   She is kind, caring and loving.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Week 7 Term 2 - Numeracy

Walt:  Solve word problems using addition

This week we have been working out word problems using different addition strategies.   Below is my work:

Literacy Week 7 Term 2 - Writing

Walt:  To start my work independently and stay on task.

This week we were given the task of describing our teacher,  I am still struggling with my goal,  but am working hard to achieve it.    Below i have linked my piece of work.  

Descriptive writing

Friday, 2 June 2017

My Mum writing

Walt:   Select our own purpose for writing and follow the writing process.

I chose to write about the a special person in my life.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Literacy Reflection Term 1 Week 9

this is some of the things that i did on camp 

Anzac Diamante ( brain storming ideas)

For literacy this week, we had to create a Diamante Poem about Anzac, My 2 subjects were WAR and PEACE, here is my brain storming ideas

Friday, 7 April 2017

Top Team 2017

On Tuesday we all competed in Top Team.  This is some activities that we did as a team,  my team was called Spec Savers and we wore Black and White.    My favourite event was the Gum Boot Throw because throwing the gumboot was easy for me.     My least favourite the Map Puzzle as the puzzle pieces were heavy to carry and i got hit with a piece.